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Summer Camps are Starting!

Bay Elite Lacrosse

Bay Elite Lacrosse club is represented by mainly East Bay Area athletes in the greater San Fransico area.  We practice in Pleasanton, CA.  Our goal is to provide quality lacrosse events at fair prices.   

Summary of Program

Bay Elite looks at its program as a calendar year, starting in the summer and finishing in late January.  We change our focus throughout the seasons to constantly stimulate athlete interest and create opportunities for higher levels of development.  Our various modes include box lacrosse, field lacrosse, and modified games to spark year-round engagement by players, keeping the fun up and reducing the burnout effect. 

We also believe in strength and conditioning.  This is the crucial piece missing that most lacrosse players looking to get recruited neglect.

Bay Elite Training System

Bay Elite's training system was created by Elliott Bender.  Elliott’s unique coaching system comes from his field and box lacrosse background.  He uses the best strategies, systems, and drills from both versions of the game to create the complete lacrosse player.  Bay Elite coaches understand that each time we step on the field, we are responsible for teaching athletes lacrosse concepts.  It is then the athlete's job to practice skills he will use while executing those concepts. 


Elliott  Bender

Elliott Bender

Club Director

Phone: (408) 679 - 1296